100% secured payment

You can choose several ways to pay for your order.

1- MasterCard or Visa credit card

Paiement sécurisé Expé

This payment method is preferred for online orders. It allows fast processing of your order.
In addition, your payment is totally secured by encryption. Elements of the transaction are transmitted directly to GIE Credit Cards through the secured payment website Ogone without us or anybody seeing, and thus possibly hacking your credit card.
Expé bonus: We charge your credit card only when shipping. This payment only applies to the goods actually delivered. Several debits can be made in case of multiple partial deliveries.

2- Bank Transfer

You can pay by bank transfer. Be careful in this case, we expect to receive your transfer in our bank account before sending the goods. This payment method is incompatible with fast receipt of your order. In addition, the bank charges for transfers made from a country outside the European Union are the charge of the customer.
Do not forget to include your order number in the subject line (pattern) of the transfer.

  • Account Number: 10468-02464-12288000200-01
  • IBAN: FR76-1046-8024-6412-2880-0020-001
  • Account Name: EXPE SPELEMAT
  • Name and domicile of the bank: Banque Rhône-Alpes

3- Check

You can also pay by check in the name of EXPE-SPELEMAT SAS.
Be careful in this case, we expect that the settlement reached us before shipping. This payment method is incompatible with fast receipt of your order.

The check is issued in the name of EXPE-SPELEMAT SAS and sent to:
2925 Route du Vercors
38680 Auberives-en-Royans

Please note on the back: "Internet Order" with the date and number of your order.

4- PayPal

PayPal Logo

PayPal is a service that allows you to pay online without sharing your financial information. To secure your purchase, PayPal encrypts and secures your credit card information and never communicates it to the recipient of your payments. After creating a PayPal account, you simply use your username PayPal (email and password) and do not enter information about your credit card anymore. Pay online with PayPal does not cost you more than using your credit card.

Be carefull

If paying by check, money order or bank transfer, delivery time will begin to run until the date of actual receipt of your payment. We ask you to join to your payment, your order number.

In conformity with Article 121-II of Law No. 2012-387 of 22 March 2012, the flat rate for recovery costs due to the creditor in the event of late payment is € 40 by Decree No 2012 -1115 of 2 October 2012.